Saturday, December 25, 2010

Disk Usage Utility - Shareware Folder and File Type Pie Chart Generator

DiskChart creates customizable 2D and 3D folder and file size pie charts based on folders and drives on your Windows system.

DiskChart is a pie chart generator for Windows that displays graphic representations of your folder usage and file types. Choose a drive or folder from the Explorer view, and then click the "Folder pie" or "Filetype pie" tabs to create graphs (generation may take awhile). You can pull up details of the folder and file type sizes and percentages, as well as a list of the largest files. This information can also be printed.

Pie charts can be rotated, shifted, and zoomed in or out. Other customizations include the background (solid color, gradient, or image), number of slices and their colors, title font, 3D customizations (and you can make the charts 2D if desired), forcing the graphic to appear circular, and toggling the legend or labels....

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