Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 - Increase Size of, or Remove, List of Recent Files

Alter the number of recent presentation files PowerPoint 2010 remembers, or remove the entire list for privacy.

As with other Microsoft Office 2010 applications, Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 keeps track of the list of recently-opened presentation files. Thus, if you edit a lot of presentation files in different locations, the "Recent" screen from the Backstage View can help you find these files without having to hunt all over your hard disk or network locations.

By default, the last 25 files are remembered. If you want to remember more files (up to 50), or are concerned about privacy and want to remove this list altogether, make the following tweak:...

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Source: http://malektips.com/powerpoint-2010-increase-remove-list-recent-files.html

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