Sunday, February 27, 2011

Compare Your Internet Cost and Speed to Global Averages [Infographic]

Internet pricing and speed varies wildly across the world. The US, for instance, currently ranks 15th in speed but enjoys reasonably priced internet access.

How reasonably priced? If you’re a US citizen you likely have an average internet access speed of 4.8 mbps and you pay a little over $3 per mbps. If you’re in Sweden, however, you likely have an 18 mbps connection and you pay a scant 63 cents per mpbs. The real envy of the internet speed Olympics by far is Japan with a mighty 61 mbps at a mere 27 cents per mbps.

Hit up the link below for the full infographic (or use this local mirror if you need to dodge a firewall), then sound off in the comments with how you compare on the international scale.

Internet Speeds and Costs Around the World [via Daily Infographic]

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