Friday, March 25, 2011

Miscellaneous Software - Open Source Freeware to Encrypt Files

AxCrypt integrates with Windows Explorer, allowing you to encrypt and decrypt files that need to remain private.

If you need to distribute files with private information to areas where those not intended to view their contents might also have access, consider AxCrypt. AxCrypt is an open source application that allows you to encrypt individual files on a Windows machine with 128-bit key encryption.

Files can be encrypted via right-clicking in Explorer, choosing "AxCrypt", then choosing to "Encrypt", "Encrypt a copy", or "Encrypt copy to EXE'. Passwords or keyfiles are supported for encryption, and if your computer is secure, you can choose to remember passwords so encrypted files are automatically decrypted when on your machine. Or, decrypting a file is as simple as double-clicking the newly encrypted file icon and entering decryption credentials....

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